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Fri Nov 3, 2006, 8:34 AM
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Well i've been busy getting myself onto other communities to promote my music (check it out… ) and my website...

doing some designs for t-shirt, Vans shoes, Pictoplasma &nbs…;, and some other images to get published in spanish magazine BELIOmgz…

so been i had some paid e-learning work to do today as well

so this could be my last blog as i am now blogging on this:

ok well that's it for now i guess
Well i still didn't get any work today ...being a contractor sucks sometimes
i really hope someone is going to give me some work soon....i need to buy food...(boo hoo) least it's sunny....that puts me in a good mood...ok i think i'm going to find some coins and get a sandwich...
not a big fan of journals ...but here we go... first entry....signed up last night...i quite like this site...loads of useful feedback...uh...what bank called today.. i totally have no cash....i'm pretty sick of i guess i'm abit bummed out....ok that's enough for now